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Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball(AKA: Disco Dodgeball) Update 0.33

Just wanted to share some screenshots of how Disco Dodgeball is coming along, new graphical update as well as some single player challenges to do.

I really recommend this game to anyone who likes some electro/dubstep music and throwing balls at your friends face or even a stranger, the Dev(Erik Asmussen) is really active with the game, working on it all the time and converses with the community, right now the community is small, but definitely growing. The game still has several things to be done before it’s finished, but the polish is coming along great, and we’ll definitely get more new features as time goes on.

All in all, the game is a load of fun, adrenaline heavy and sometimes just plain hilarious the shots that happen.

Here’s the website:

It links to the steam store page and has a demo too. It’s definitely worth the $10 and will no doubt provide hours of fun ball throwing, robot gibbing madness.

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glad my laptop still works, and can’t wait to get my monitor on monday, just hope there is no big problem with it.

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These almond cookies are very aggressive.


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“The White & Black Knights” 1911 A1 .45 Autos

by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio

I want these


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Eyesofwitt’s Person of Interest Season 3 Blu-Ray-DVD Follower Appreciation Giveaway

The Winner will receive The Complete Third Season of Person of Interest - Blu-Ray & DVD Boxed Set!!

Rules & Guidelines::

1) Must be following this blog, this is for appreciation of my followers

2) No giveaway blogs are allowed

3) Likes and re-blogs count, please be considerate of your followers

4) Random number generator will be used

5) The set will be US/Region 1, I will ship internationally.

6) You musk have an open Ask Box so you can be contacted. You must provide your name and mailing address, if you are the Winner. This will be kept private.

7) GIVEAWAY ENDS September 20, 2014 at 12 midnight, EST

If you have any questions, send me a message. Thank you everyone & Good Luck!!!

Well a single reblog, who knows.

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The brick is far superior to the bottle. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is obviously some sort of communist.
Markiplier (via achievementinfused)
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a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows 


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remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees

how  many fucking people on this website wear glasses jfc

it’s always the leaves oh my god

and then you’re so excited and you try to tell a non-glasses wearer and they’re like ‘uh..yeah? of course you can?’ and it blows your mind that you’re apparently SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO SEE INDIVIDUAL LEAVES